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Real estate owners and developers may be affected by a variety of legal issues, and in some cases, they may need to take legal action to protect their financial interests. Property taxes are one common area of concern that affects commercial real estate. In many cases, these taxes may be assessed incorrectly, resulting in an unfair financial burden on the property owner. When addressing real estate tax complaints, commercial property owners can protect their rights and interests by working with a law firm that is experienced in these matters.

The firm of Guerard, Kalina & Butkus assists with a wide variety of concerns that affect real estate developers, property owners, and other businesses that may be impacted by property taxes. With our knowledge of the laws that affect commercial real estate and property taxes and our experience assisting with major real estate transactions, we can ensure that all issues are considered properly, and we can help property owners take the correct steps to challenge an assessment or file an appeal.

Appealing a Property Tax Assessment

Property taxes are based on an assessment of the value of a property by local government officials. When a property's value is assessed incorrectly, a person or company may be required to pay taxes that do not actually reflect the value of the property they own. A property owner who believes that an assessment is incorrect has several options for appealing the assessment.

A property owner will usually begin the process of appealing an assessment by contacting the assessor. If the assessor does not agree to correct the assessment, a formal appeal can be filed with the county board of review. This must typically be done within 30 days after the township assessment roll has been published. An appeal may be based on the market value of the property as determined by an appraisal or the recent sale of the property. An owner may also appeal an assessment because it was higher than the estimated value of other comparable properties in the area with similar amenities. If a county board of review issues an unfavorable decision, a property owner can file an appeal with the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.

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